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Rudy Giuliani, Security Threat

Like his boss, Rudy Giuliani loves Twitter, but he has a problem. Rudy is a poor typist, and often mistypes URLs in his tweets (along with inserting other spelling errors). A director for a cybersecurity company noted that Giuliani creates these bad URLs regularly. His mistyped URLs have become so common that hackers have started […]


I’m sure there is a perfectly good treason

© Tom Tomorrow So the most insane news came out today. At the meeting that Donald Trump had with the Russians, which happened the day after Donald Trump fired James Comey, Trump bragged about all the good intelligence reports that were given to him every day, and then, actually told the Russians about one of […]


The GOP Convention Hacked!

The Republican National Convention has been hacked by security researchers. This despite the fact that the GOP keeps hammering Hillary Clinton about the insecurity of her private email server. How did they do it? In this case, it was amazingly simple. They simply set up some WiFi access points. You know the same thing that […]


Kicking the Can

For people who thought that Congress couldn’t get any more disfunctional — you were wrong. As the Daily Beast put it: It used to be that Congress was broken, and was forced to repeatedly kick the can down the road. Now it seems that Congress can’t even properly kick the can down the road. The […]


Bad Memory

Gov. Rick Perry shows once again that he has a bad memory. You’ve probably heard that a man (who had a knife) jumped the White House fence and made it into the executive mansion before he was tackled by the Secret Service. So of course, do Republican express concern for our president? Not Rick Perry. […]


I Told You So!

© derf Derf reminds us that anyone who has been paying attention at all saw this coming.